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What is geotourism?


Landscape parks are unique for their focus on both the natural and cultural aspects of an area. The villages within Landscape parks work together to make themselves open, accessible, pleasant places to visit and live. Passing along good stories and local culture results in good experiences. Geotourism is tourism that preserves, strengthens and draws out that which is special to a given locality—the environment, culture, esthetics, heritage—for the good of the community. Geotourism exposes the relationship between tourism and the personality of a place, giving a "sense of place". Many ask, "What's the difference between Geotourism, Ecotourism and Sustainable tourism?" Ecotourism focuses on nature and is a niche market. Geotourism is about everything which gives a place its uniqueness. Geotourism must, naturally, be sustainable, but it focuses deeper upon all of the natural and human characteristics that make a place worth visiting. This includes the flora and fauna, historical buildings and archeological areas, grand scenery, traditional architecture, and everything cultural: music, handcrafts, dance, and any other art forms, not to mention the making of food and the traditions of farming and hunting, upon which the local arts of cooking are based.

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