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Farm sale


Steinstø Fruktgard

Steinstø Fruktgard lies along the main road Rv7. On the family farm they grow strawberries, raspberries, cherries, plumbs, pears, and apples. Approx. 60 tons of fruit and berries are produced in a normal year—70 different varieties, both old and new. Most of this is sold directly from our road-side store"Steinstø Frukt- og Kakebu", while the remainder is transformed, by our farm kitchen, into apple cakes, apple juice, jam, and jellies. All of these products are also sold at the store, along with products from other local sources; i.e. honey, meats, herbs and spices. The store is in one end of the café building.



Fykse 70/6

Fykse 70/6 AS is a small, local sausage factory that lies in the beautiful village of Fykse, beside Gamlastovo Gardsrestaurant (farm restaurant). All of the products have been developed at the factory, but use raw materials and manufacturing traditions from the Fykse area. We produce various cured sausages, dinner sausages, grilling sausages, cold cuts, pâtés and just about anything else your palate could desire for a good meal. We sell directly from the farm, where you can taste samples of the products before you buy them. We will gladly prepare a meal in our restaurant if you like. Follow the road towards Klyve




Bjørnebruket is located in Rykkje, along RV7, between Øystese and Fyksesund. The farm is placed in a small valley about 800 meters from RV7, with a view toward the Hardangerfjord. We sell ecological lamb meat and other farm products from the farm