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Fyksesund Landscape Park

Lies in Hardanger, one and one-half hours east of Bergen. The area offers a variety of beautiful scenery—a living cultural landscape which reaches centuries back in time.

The Landscape Park was created in 2007, and is an organization for those who live, work, own cabins or own land around Fyksesund (Fykse sound). We are working to increase the use of Fyksesund and the area around it, in a way that preserves the natural surroundings, culture and landscape. On the eastern side of the sound are the villages of Steintsø, Fykse, Klyve and Bjørke. On the western side lie Porsmyr, Rykkje, Flotve and Soldal. The village of Botnen, which lies at the inner end of the sound, is inaccessible by road, and can only be reached by boat or foot over the mountains. There are approx. 400 year-round residents in the area. Many of the farmers in the Park work with sheep, and the landscape shows this. Three farms are primarily fruit farms. There is, otherwise, a varied economical base in Fyksesund. There are: restaurants, a café, over-night accommodations, sausage making, facilities for the exhibition of fish farming, a mussel farm, boating trips, boat chartering, greenhouses, a ceramicist, a small power plant, etc.

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